Eclipse Alert and Invitation

June 1, 2011

We first encountered the energetic field of a potent eclipse storm in mid-May, as we approached three eclipses: June 1st, June 15th and July 1st, 2011.  The accompanying emotional and energetic turbulence will continue at least until mid-July. So many friends, colleagues and clients have been asking why the recent increase in anxiety? I believe it's the eclipses, adding to the existing planetary intensity.

The first occurs at New Moon June 1st (2:03 PM Pacific Time) in Gemini. The second at Full Moon June 15 (1:13 PM Pacific Time) in Gemini/Sagittarius, and the third at Cancer New Moon of July 1st (1:38 AM Pacific Time). None of them will be visible to us here in the the U.S.

How to navigate this period? Eclipses are such a perfect alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth that the light and energy flow between them is actually broken for a period of time. These breaks are destabilizing, though there is tremendous potential for rapid progress, true evolution, precisely because the ordinary flow is disrupted. Doing something in a new way is is the way to go. Remember that everyone is feeling the edge, try not to take others increased reactivity personally in the next month.  

New Moons are powerful times to set intentions, and an eclipsed New Moon invites/compels us to commit to doing differently.  All of the cosmos is encouraging experimentation right now. These eclipses join with electrifying, awakening Uranus in pioneering Aries and four planets changing direction to help us make quantum leaps. The old ways just aren't working, this eclipse season calls for bold leaps.

We will witness the "toothpaste tube theory of evolution" - the big squeeze - in action in June and July. People with important planets in Gemini and Sagittarius will be most aware of the June eclipses, especially those with planets at 11 or 24 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius. For them especially, though for all of us, this is an invitation to break free from the limits of the conditioned, limited mind, to develop faith, trust intuition and our own hearts over the opinions of others, and to be direct in our communications. New community offers new inspiration. From writers to musicians, this could remove writer's block and set inspiration flying.

The eclipse on the Cancer New Moon July 1st is perhaps the most potent of the three, as it brings us to a crossroad with Uranus (innovation and rebellion), Saturn (taking responsibility) and Pluto (crisis and metamorphosis empowers), where we must choose a new course.  Cancer born, and those with important planets near 12 degrees Cancer will experience this call to making a conscious choice most personally. For all of us, gain comes from choosing new ways to belong, to developing mutual care and support with those close to us and to finding simple nourishment in healthy ways of living. This eclipse launches a new 19 year cycle, one of extraordinary effort and achievement. I cannot help but think of the Midwest tornadoes, of lives changed in a moment, and how there, community is reforming out of necessity. May they inspire and be nourished through their efforts.

On each eclipse day, June 1st, June 15th and July 1st, do something, at least one thing in a new way. Watch for moments where you catch yourself doing something, thinking something, that really doesn't work any more. These will be obvious. Stop, breathe and reconsider. Do something that gives you joy on that day. You, we all, are at the crossroads. A small course correction now will later be seen to be a great leap forward.

Eclipse Alert and Invitation
©2011 Gretchen Lawlor