Mercury Retrograde Alert

March 30, 2011

Mercury will be retrograde from Wednesday March 30th until April 23rd, moving back and forth through the potent cluster of planets gathered in Aries: Jupiter, Uranus, Sun and soon Mars and Venus, and the New Moon.

Mercury retrogrades are far more than just computer and communication glitches. Retrospection and mental down-time will release innovative, out-of-the-box perspectives on all manner of life issues. And, let's face it, we need fresh thinking, radical inventiveness and spontaneous genius right now to handle the horrific, unsettling world problems currently facing us. So bring on this fiery catalytic Mercury retrograde.

Mercury also highlights the current Jupiter/Saturn opposition; frustrations in relationships pull you back into finding your happiness within yourself. Mercury retrograde dredges up unspoken expectations and old habits of relating, bringing them to our conscious awareness for re-consideration and re-lease. Jupiter in Aries wants freedom to explore, to act upon impulse, while Saturn's opposition can make relationships feel more like obligations. April invites you to explore being a better friend/lover/boss of yourself, so you can have healthier, less encumbered relationships with others.

Mercury retrograde loves reconsidering, invites and blesses re-doing, re-working, re-thinking, re-organizing and re-associating. The retrograde provides rich inner dialogue, restoring a sense of autonomy, though communicating our brilliant insights to others is likely to be more frustrating and prone to misunderstandings until after Mercury goes direct on April 23rd.

Re-member to re-confirm appointments and travel bookings, re-search car and computer purchases so you are ready to act after April 23rd.

Mercury Retrograde Alert
©2011 Gretchen Lawlor