Sagittarius Time - Aim the Arrow!

After the emotional intensity and deep self-enquiry of SCORPIO time (Oct 21-Nov 21), SAGITTARIUS time invites us to aim arrows of intention towards more hopeful long-range targets and possibilities from Nov 22-Dec 21.

Each month, as the Sun enters a new sign, a timely new realm of experience presents itself. Yes, there is a season for everything, helping us establish priorities and progress step-by-step. (I myself appreciate this so, as it organizes my year into manageable, bite-sized pieces).

SAGITTARIUS time encompasses Thanksgiving to Winter Solstice, (Dec 21st, when the Sun moves into Capricorn). Sag. time begins with feasting, prayers and rituals of gratitude. Sag. then carries us through most of the Xmas preparations and ends with feasting and sociable sharing of our accumulated abundance at Solstice-Xmas celebrations Dec 21-25.

Sagittarius begets hopefulness and enthusiasm. In Sag. time, keep a gratitude journal to fuel your optimism. Reflect upon and share highlights of the day, moments of happiness. Explore the bounty in your social life rather than indulgence and excessive overextension.

December Highlights

MERCURY continues to be retrograde through Dec 13, inviting deep review of attitudes/perspectives but muddles conversations and communications equipment. Expect bursts of clarity after the 13th that free up stuck thinking. Connections made, hope reignited.

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on Dec 10 at dawn (4:45-6:30 AM Pacific Time). It's worth getting up early to see this giant, eclipsing orange full moon setting on the western horizon as the sun rises in the east. Eclipses almost always come in twos, be vigilant re: choppy emotional waters, agitation and short fuses in the two weeks between (Nov. 24-Dec 10). This eclipse invites higher consciousness to overshadow mindless chatter.

* URANUS resumes direct movement on Dec 9 jolting more of us from slumbers to action as change agents. Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn add discipline and skillful planning to projects launched in an auspicious mid-Dec window.