Classes and Workshops

Gretchen is available to teach workshops and classes in your area. Here are some examples of what she offers…and she’s open to other possibilities for your needs/ideas. These can be shortened or extended to fit your schedule. Contact Gretchen and plan what’s right for you and your community.

Somatic Astrology

Take it to your body. Experience your Star Signature through guided journeying and mental and movement-based playful exploration. Sense how you wear your astrological signature in your life. Explore how to use these practices with clients to amplify your work.

Planetary Subpersonalities—an Astrological Adventure

Using planetary walks, popular music, storytelling and simple movement, get to know your "parts" or subpersonalities and what elements of your life they oversee. Are they overseeing the right project?

Astrological Prediction—Means and Methods for Prediction Writers

Gretchen Lawlor has been publishing astrological predictions for almanacs for over 35 years. She’ll be sharing tips and techniques, encouraging your own unique style as reflected in your own chart.

Family Dynamics through the Teen Years—an Astrological Perspective, with Survival Tools!

Whether you are dealing with the stress of a touchy, rebellious new teen, or trying to make sense of your own teen experience, this workshop, with information, perspective, timing and experience, will help.

Medical Astrology—How to Support Evolutionary Acceleration

Gretchen Lawlor calls on her naturopathic background to show you how to use herbs, homeopathy, essences, diets, behavior modification and right/left brain balancing exercises to support your personal upgrade through the coming changes.

Open to Possibility: What Workshop Suggestions Do You Have?

Put your heads together. Gretchen, ever resourceful and creative, can work with you to co-create a workshop designed to address the unique needs of your group.