General Comments

"Gretchen Lawlor is a beloved friend and much-admired colleague for many years whose work with people embodies wisdom, integrity, and compassion. Her explorations of the flower essence and astrology worlds are interesting and imaginative, and her stories about her experiences in tuning into nature spirits and making essences with them are always fascinating. Would that we could get her to tell more of them on the pages of Vibration!"
~ Donna Cunningham, Editor, Vibration Magazine,
Astrologer and Flower Essence Practitioner

"I find you so inspiring and I do believe that you have given wings to many of my deepest dreams and hopes through your kindness, encouragement and wisdom - that special wisdom I hope I am coming into myself one of these years!"
~ Marie / Windchimewalker

"Your writing is wonderful, your knowledge to the point. Your information accurate. Where oh where does this come from? I want to study that book - write it please."
~ Linda.

"I asked Gretchen if she would give me an astrological consultation. She graciously agreed. Well, again, words fail me. For at least an hour Gretchen made out my Birth Chart and explained it to me. She asked a few questions and shared deeply of herself. It was kind of amazing to see her face, hear her intakes of breath and listen to her voice saying, 'Wow!' several times as she looked up the details of my Birth Chart in her books. Apparently what she found surprised her. It did not surprise me. Everything she said made perfect sense when seen through the lens of my 61 years of life. And what she projects will happen within the next 2-3 years fits my story like a hand in a glove. By the way, she gave no specific "predictions", merely an overview that gives me a container to fill myself. And even though there were no real surprises, this consultation helped me see my life within in a broader context and served to validate my past choices and current way of being in the world. It was truly empowering."
~ Pat / Windchimewalker

"Gretchen Lawlor’s astrological consultations have been major tools for my journey for years. She gently affirms me, reminds me if I am getting off course, or abandoning myself. I appreciate being reminded that this life is a process, to be kind to myself along with the firmness, as I naturally unveil who I am becoming."
~ Peter A.

Comments about Gretchen after the Spring Equinox Celebration

"The guest of honor was Gretchen Lawlor, an incredibly inspirational womyn and astrologer who writes for the We’Moon calendar. We started a fire in the large fire pit and Gretchen led us in AstroPlay — we each became a planet or other significant celestial entity and acted out the Equinox! Gretchen’s way of describing the relationships between planets, Moon, Earth and Sun was mesmerizing, and gave me a completely new sense of astrology as a colorful, powerful, and life-affirming way of understanding the cosmos and our place in it."

“Mixing movement and play into her work, Gretchen is a lively and delightful teacher. She infuses her astrological workshops and readings with a rare imagery that consistently conjures 'ah-ha's' from those gathered around her. At the same time, she’s an energetic and innovative thinker who loves to stretch the bounds of current assumptions as she explores new realms, both above and below."
~ Mira Jean S.

"Gretchen Lawlor’s talent in translating astrological cues into clear paths of possibility for our own lives informs her work."
~ From We'Moon Almanac

"Gretchen is amazing! She brings an intuitive and sacred presence to her work that creates a reading that is heart opening and practical. You leave feeling inspired, aware and with useful information that you can take into your daily life. When I am looking for guidance and support I call Gretchen."
~ Charlene S.

"It is such is a relief to ‘be seen’ by Gretchen. Her work with me reminds me that I am part of a larger context, a larger pattern, not solely responsible for the well-being of myself and my family."
~ Michelle B.

"I keep learning more about myself each time I have my session with Gretchen. She gives me practical advice and helpful tools to navigate both the challenges and the opportunities that I’m dealing with, or soon will be! I love the LIFEMAP. It’s on my refrigerator so I can see the rhythm of my year ahead and plan accordingly."
~ Bonnie P.

"Gretchen Rocks!"
~ Student at Bayview High School, Whidbey Island, WA
(where Gretchen has taught astrology for many years